Air Jet Fighter Supermacy

Your country is under imminent threat of an ambush by the enemy armies, with some of the border outposts being attacked and taken over by a massive enemy artillery. Leading the air strike team, your job is to pilot a high profile jet fighter plane and force the enemy convoy to retreat.

Air Strike Jet Fighter Mission takes players on an action packed air simulation to fight against land, air and sea enemies to defend the borderlands and reclaim the bases from enemy grasp. The 4 air defense missions puts you in contest against enemy tanks, helicopters, and aircrafts arriving in hordes to take you down. Enemy has a higher resistance and are in bigger numbers, so be swift in the air and keep drifting to avoid hits. Clear out bases in each mission to reclaim areas and survive till the enemy is forced to retreat.


– Intense air strike flight simulator
– Trade blows against numerous land and air enemies
– Earn rewards with each successful takedown, gaining fuel and armor upgrades
– Try to complete each mission with least civilian casualties to rank higher

Feel the power of a real air jet fighter pilot to take on arch nemesis like helicopters, aircrafts and tanks, while mounted turret guns in enemy occupied bases are constantly trying to take you down. Only the best survives.