Bus Train Driving Simulation

NEW EXPERIENCE now imagine you are a bus driver in a traffic race & you have to drive in most difficult hilly areas, while engaged in incredible racing wars. Turn on the heat in an incredibly conceptualized to take on the train counter bus traffic race.

Train Counter Bus Traffic Racer is one of the best racing games on mountains seen for the first time on android. Race on your favorite transport through the mountains. Win against train with your train counter bus drive skills. Popular concept all over Asia to conclude which transport, transport bus or train traffic racer is the best Mountain Driver.


– Experience the bus traffic racer on realistic hilly area.
– Enjoy driving with different camera views.
– Drive with three different driving modes.
– Controls are very simple and smooth.
– The game play is very comfortable.
– The physics of this racing game is really good.

Race against fast train traffic racer across dangerous hilly areas.
STAY AWAKE these mountains have very dangerous roads with sharp and narrow turns.
So drive carefully or you can end up in very big trouble.
BUS DRIVING EXPERIENCE Master your driving skills around these hilly areas by driving these transport vehicles.
Don’t go too fast. ACCEPT CHALLENGE it’s really difficult to drive in these areas.
So do you have guts to win these racing games??
REAL HILLY AREA Enjoy the sceneries like real hilly areas. With grass, rocks, large mountains etc.
TRAFFIC RACE SIMULATOR Enjoy the experience of real racing wars and train driver in our brand new transport driving simulation game.
Feel what real bus driver feels. CAN YOU HANDLE Can you handle the skills on these roads?
Do you have enough power to become the pro Mountain driver? Test your skills in this simulator game.
COMPLETE MISSIONS Survive through different mission and complete the tasks to unlock the next missions.

? In tilt mode tilt your mobile left and right to control the movement.
? In GUI mode tap throttle to race. ? Tap brake button to stop.
? Tap reverse to reverse the bus.
? Tap camera button to change the camera view.