City Bicycle Pizza Delivery

Get ready for pizza delivery! drive your bicycle and rush to the customer’s guiding location for hot pizza delivery on time.
If you are getTing annoyed by playing some car racing, stunts, motorbike racing, fighting and running games, then here is the best chance for you to get energized and excite your feeling with fast pizza delivery. By playing this beautiful game we test your driving skills and reflexes.
In this game you have different bicycles to deliver the pizza all around the city on time. in the city environment you can face different hurdles and obstacles like traffic jam, signals, pedestrians, children are playing in the streets and people are also walking on the roads, you must take care of these all while driving through the city traffic for delivering the pizza. its time to have fun with city bicycle pizza delivery boy. In this game your target is to beat the time and make the pizza delivery on time as per customer demand. in this game you provide your best services to your customer by driving BMX bicycle and easy driving control. Remember its a city environment game and you will drive it with
in the city traffic where other transports are also exists and you will go for delivery with cool visuals and sound effects. In this game you will be punctual to enjoy the thrill of this game. Complete the targets and keep enjoying this delivery game.

attractive bicycles
challenging tasks
galanzing environment
easy driving control
many engaging levels
beautiful graphics.
cool sound and visual effects
realistic weather control.
download and enjoy the thrill of this game.