Jungle Cheetah: Real Hunter

It’s time you experience hunting across the vast forest in the world’s greatest hunting jungle. Predator and Prey! Jungle Cheetah: Real Hunter offers you this 2015 the unique game-play that you can hunt wild animals as the real hunter on planet!

Jungle Cheetah: Real Hunter lets you hunt as a wild cheetah in the jungle. With access to natural habitats you will rely on your predatory skills to hunt animals including Deer, Lemurs, Mandrills, Rabbits, different species of Birds & unlock Beast Mode to fight with other animals. Moreover, chasing your targets while sprinting makes it even more challenging.


– Over 30 immersive real hunter challenges to complete
– Realistic 3D graphics and awesome sound effects
– Dozens of real world animals to attack and take down
– Vast jungle environment
– Eat, Drink, Attack, Hunt and Survive