Police Robot Hero : City Battle

Are you ready for an ultimate transform war game of 2017 to experience unlimited destruction? If you are looking for an unlimited and non stop transform fighting game then this game is for you. This game is specially for those users who want to
play a transform games in the realistic city environment. This game has many effects ans phases, like you can fight with other transform robots and with different weapons which are built in the transform heroes .
Our transform Superhero can change into the police car and go for the race with other cars in the city. Transform Robots started the mafia war with shooting and machines in the city of Vegas and cops are here for minimize the war effects. In this game Police Robot Hero are transform into different cars like SUV, wrangler, jeep and other cars. this game has realistic environment, graphics and breathtaking game play.
A realistic environment with smooth controls excite the thrill of this game. Beautiful graphics make your journey much exciting and memorable.
Get ready to have fun,immersive and dangerous gun wars.

Robots can transform into the cars
City environment
Realistic environment
Friendly for users
Many engaging levels
Beautiful graphics
Easy to control
Advanced weapons
Cool sound and visual effect.
Install and play the best thrilling adventure.