Real Moto Bike Racing

Super Cloud Games Studio is going to release its first moto speed bike raicng game . Real Moto Bike Racing simulator game is full of fun. Go as fast as you can as a Bike Rider and defeat your enemies. Most importantly how fast can you go on a super fast bikes with the perfect handling control at the same time. This game gives you the chance to show that you are a talented bike rider by racing super faslty and by performing various stunts.So show your racing skills and become hero of this fast and furious game.
This game gives you the opportunity to show the world you are a talented driver speedboat racer and a hero in this fast and furious game race.
This game is not like other driving simulator games. The heavy bikes in this Real Moto Bike Racing are fast, strong and perfect for the ultimate bike racing games.

Game play of Real Moto Bike Racing:
This is pretty awesome bike racing game ever.Its Gameplay is simple, you have to defeat your opponent to win the Race. It is a Knockout mode game in which if you want to access new level then you should not be remain in Last position.

Real Moto Bike Racing Features:
• Perfect Racing background sounds
• Smooth & realistic bike controls
• Excellent Graphic Quality
• Different type of Bikes Selection
Race you fast and speedy bikes in ultimate race and defeat your opponents in knockout mode now.Real Moto Bike Racing contains excellent visuals and sound effects with amazing gameplay of knockout competition.
Real Moto Bike Racing is provided with leaderboard so complete your race as fast as you can and become the fastest rider of the world. Real Moto Bike Racing is integrated with facebook.Finish a race as quickly as possible and show your finish time to your facebook friends through Facebook Leaderboard.You can also challenge and invite your facebook friends to play this game.
How to Play Real Moto Bike Racing:
• Press Race button to increase speed
• Press Left button to move left side.
• Press Right button to move right side.
• Press Wheelie button for One Wheeling.