Flying Panther SupeHero:City Rescue

Available Platforms

Action , Adventure , Racing

Release Date

December 16, 2017


Super Cloud Games Studio


Super Cloud Games Studio

Supercloud Games Studio presents the exciting Flying Panther Superhero:City Rescue. This game is perfect for the robot and fictional super hero’s lovers because it has all the world superheroe"s included such as rope hero, monster hero, spider hero, bat hero, captain superhero, megatron robots, the most favorite goku hero, Ninja hero and other transform robots fighting. Game Play : You were on a mission to save the San Andrea's city on which robots and monster hero ,rope hero bat hero and other world duper power heroes attacked. These were sent by a mafia of gangsters to take control of the city. You as a panther hero stops the disaster in the city and stop the heroes sent by mafia from Vegas city to cause disasters and any other unpleasant activity in your city. You can choose your player between incredible superhero, incredible monster, incredible superhero Captain, superhero mutant spider, incredible goku hero & turtle hero. You can hit any car and can get any car and bike you want to ride and can transform into a fps shooter to complete your mission. Panther Superhero Features: >HD 3D Graphics. >Stunning game play with variety of transformer robots. >Perfect Futuristic game. >Detailed environments with different Views. >AI Enemy Robots and Superheroes. >Several levels and Exciting Missions. >Realistic Sound Effects. >Panther Hero vs. Incredible Monster Hero fight. >Realistic Fighting animations and perfect car & Bike Physics. >Stunning Game play with variety of superheroes and transform robots. This game is perfect future generation game. In this game you have to face the following fights to become the city savior :Panther hero vs. monster hero, Panther hero vs. bat hero ,Panther hero vs. goku ,Panther hero vs. wolf hero, Panther hero vs. transform robots, Panther hero vs. captain hero. Act as a savior of the people. Become the most courageous and fearless hero! Determine the fate of the whole city with the super soldier powers. Let’s play this amazing stunning super heroes war battle game that gives you the pleasure and enjoyment into the world of fighting futuristic robots and super heroes. All the cities like Vegas and San Andrea’s City are save now it’s time to save your city using you super hero skills and powers. It’s a good chance to save the world and to fight mortal battle war against world heroes and evil gangster’s robots causing terror and threats. If you love stunts games, fighting games, army games, police battle games, simulation games ,army tanks & helicopters games,fututristic robots war games, first person shooter games, Grand city games, open world games, savior games and survival games than this game is perfectly for you as it contains all these features in one game that’s why it the the most addictive game ever . So download and play this game and use your mortal fighting skills, shooting skills wisely and perfectly. Flying Panther Superhero:City Rescue is updated according to your suggestions so doesn’t forget to leave a feedback.

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