Real World Robot Racing

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Release Date

3 April 2017


Supercloud Games Studio


Supercloud Games Studio

Are you extremely enthusiastic about robot games? Here is the Real World Robot Racing, the best game to play and race with other robots in the real world.
Real World Robot racing game is free, addictive, attractive and futuristic game of 2017. The game play consists of 6 vs. 6 racing competition, there are six robots you have to race with them and finally finish first to progress ahead, unlock more level and collect points, so you would be able to buy more efficient robots to achieve hardest targets.
In this game there are 3 laps in every level, try to be first in every lap to earn more points. You have to be faster, quicker, smooth and steady to win a race. You have to control your robot from falling into unrestricted area, control your robots to be on the way. If any robot intrudes into wrong way then it will take some seconds to reset, and your robot will be automatically directed to the dedicated racing track.
Real World Robot Racing made in very beautifully detailed surroundings the graphic quality is beyond amazing, this game has rich, detailed and awesome graphics, which is the good thing for players, they will be happy to play. The big thing is that having attractiveness in gameplay, this game will make players to take out their mobile phone and play this game every time, they will manage time to play this game from their precious time of workout. Every time people play this game there will be an excitement smile on their faces.

Game Features:
Great graphics
Real world city environment
Attractive game play
Multiple awesome racing tracks
Impressive and intuitive on-screen controls.
Futuristic robots
Realistic sound effects

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  • I think this is the best game


  • waste your time