Russian Army Tank War

It’s been days since the massive Tank wars broke out monster squad to close gates between the two worlds nation again. A lot of blood has been spilt in the world of tanks, awaiting for even more with no result seeming to come soon. You are the extreme army tank hero in charge of defending your country by fight with your monster tank with your epic army tank vehicles, arm your monster squad with improved weapons.

Driving the best in tank world alpha class panzer tank, the Russian commander needs to show aggression to take the hold of war rom the enemy and force them to retreat. As you step into the war zone with your super power iron tank is equipped with the latest destructive weapons and you’ll be greeted with heavy enemy reinforcements, aided by massive tanks, cars, Humvee, busses, 4×4, trucks, large construction vehicle and some military stuffs heavy tank and missile launcher. Protect your tank from the counter strikes. Once you finally manage to put them on the back foot, don’t hold back and reverse the game altogether. This is a monster army tank dash game with stunning visual graphics, vehicles and weapons.You can also upgrade your tank with guns boosters and loads explosives stuff to make it to fininsh line. Keep yourself alive as long as you can. It is a game of survival. Use the destructive power of your tank in the best way possible. Don’t forget hose angry tank monsters will try to prevent you from saving the world war from extinction.


– War focused intense battles between mighty panzer tanks
– 5 gameplay levels based on a tank war story of siege and conquer
– Kill, destroy, crash an dash the hordes of different tank monsters, and save world from its doom.
– Engage in battles with enemy tanks, aircrafts and armored vehicles
– Use the Russian army tanks dual weapons mode

Make good use of the machine guns and the barrel bomb launcher to turn the tide in your favor against a deadly world of tanks enemy arsenal.

The level of difficulty becomes sever with each accomplished missions, as the world of tanks enemy becomes more aggressive and larger in numbers to take control of your territory.