Sniper Revenge Assault

Good morning, private! It’s time to lock, stock and pack your sniper for your first mission into enemy territory. Armed with your eye and sniper, far from the madding crowd, gun down hostile targets before they alert the main base of a breach. It’s a fast-paced sniper shooting op. You are our eyes on ground, private.

Using your expert aim-and-shooting skills, it’s a race against time unleash wrath on your enemy. Perched above in an unseen location, the army soldiers are oblivious to the incoming attack. Use this stealth to your advantage and gun down your targets in a systematic manner. Beware, the alarm button is close by. As soon as sniper shooting mission commences, the army soldiers will pull all the strings to reach the alarm to alert the main base.

Your cover is blown as soon as the alarm is pressed.


• Thrilling FPS shooting game
• Cracking gun sounds
• Engaging game-play and addictive premises
• Eye-catching 3D locations
• Beat the clock shooting missions