Spider Hero vs Superhero Robots

Be a Spider Hero in City War to fight as Transformer Fiction Super Hero – If your city had been attacked by criminal and evil robots then what should you do? Get ready for the war against criminals and evil robot fighter and become a hero and savior of a city. You can play as a Spider Hero with amazing power skills where Spider as a character of super Hero fights and catch the evil and Transformer Robots. Try yourself in the role of a City Hero in a dynamic simulator. Your giant, powerful Spider Hero jump into the city and chase the Transformer Robots to kill them who come into your city from another planet on a flying saucer. Super Hero fight in the battle to defeat the evil Robots. So safe your city from evil and transformer Robots.

Your Spider Hero has a special power for destruction the enemies. You will be able to protect civilians and save the city with the help of your fantastic fighting skills and strategy. You may Crush and smash everything on your way and become a super Spider Hero of City war. Spider Hero saves the people and city from the evil Transformer Robot enemies and become a champion for justice.

Follow the story and accomplish all the missions on your way. The more missions completed, require more energy you have to fight against gangsters and criminals. Your main objective is to stop the unpleasant activity from the city. There is only last hope of humanity is “Spider Hero” to serve the people of city with its power. So you can be a real time super hero in this battlefield.


Futuristic City Environment.
Fight between Spider Hero and Transformer Robots.
There are 7 levels with increasing difficulties and game addiction.
Enemy Robots can punch, kick and jump.
Awesome Sound Effects.
Amazing graphics.

This is a new Spider Hero war game. Jump into battle field for peace into your city.
Be a true super hero against transformer robots. You will stop the crime finally in the city with your utmost efforts. Play this game and become a legendary super spider hero of the city.